Waterpark Resort Development

Leisure Business Advisors (LBA) specializes in providing the feasibility study, which is the first step in the development process. An independent expert usually prepares this study and it is generally required by financing institutions or investors. 

The study evaluates potential markets and projects usage by applying market penetration rates to the market segments. These rates are influenced by the quality of the market segments, competition, and the experience of comparable facilities elsewhere.

The study also projects potential financial performance and provides guidance on the maximum development costs that would allow an acceptable return-on-investment to investors.

John Gerner, our managing director, has conducted feasibility studies for resorts in the United States, Asia and South America. Two of these included waterparks. In addition, he has conducted feasibility studies for many new waterparks and theme parks worldwide.

We can also assist you with other aspects of development, such as master planning, design, and the business plan. We pride ourselves on prompt service and typically respond within a day. We are also sensitive to time constraints. If needed, assignments can be accelerated for an extra fee. 

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